The purpose of WAMS, LLC is to provide scholarship management and support services for students who are recipients of the sponsorship program from Sonangol EP, the national oil company of Angola.

WAMS, LLC's professional team acts as a liaison between the sponsors and the students, ensuring that all of their needs are meet including but not limited to: education, housing, health and living expenses for scholarship recipients.

WAMS also works with academic and international advisors at universities to create solid partnerships in addition to interacting and communicating with INS, the United States and Canadian Embassies to secure the required student visa.



To provide high quality management and support services to our students and Sonangol EP, through our oversight and management, to attain their ultimate goal of obtaining a college degree or a deeper knowledge of understanding in English as a language.


To become a reputable scholarship management company worldwide, that provides high quality services to meet the needs of students, sponsors and partners.


Integrity and Excellence: To understand, determine and deliver the best service to our students and partners.
Teamwork: Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.
Competency & Responsibility:
Promote the best educational and professional development.


In June of 2004, the company relocated from the state of Iowa to Houston, Texas to enhance the logistics of its operations. This move enabled the company to better facilitate the entry, exit and re-entry of students from Angola, in view of ease of flight connections to and from Luanda, Angola and Houston, Texas.

WAMS, LLC is registered to function in the State of Texas and also serves as the headquarters, located in Houston Texas.

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